About John Marks’ new blogsite

Thanks for visiting.

I started The Tannhäuser Gate blogsite so I could continue the work I have been doing for many years: introducing people to worthwhile new music; perhaps explaining things they did not know about music they were already familiar with; and advising people how to bring music more deeply into their lives through cost-effective audio equipment. Except, unlike my former situations, on my own terms and on my own schedule.

I am grateful that my former Editor John Atkinson still considers me part of the Stereophile family, and that he understood that after more than 15 years there, it was time for me to make some changes.

The topics covered here will reflect my passions and my intellectual interests. I believe that music-loving audiophiles are in an unprecedented Golden Age in terms of the availability of music, the quality of recordings, and the cost-effectiveness of today’s equipment.

Stay tuned!