Why start a blog?


(Graphic courtesy of Stereophile magazine.)

It’s simple, really.

I love music and I love audio gear. I have been blessed in the teachers, mentors, inspirations, and friends I have had in music and in audio engineering. I love sharing my love of music, and I love helping people discover music that is new to them. I also love giving advice on cost-effective audio equipment!

I am a true believer in the value of culture. I believe that the riches of culture are not just for the economically rich. On a deeper level, while it is a commonplace to state that someone views audio equipment as only a means to an end, the end being music, I view music not just as an end in itself, but equally as a means of engendering spiritual growth in the people who hear it.

And I am not just referring to Gregorian Chant or Mahler. Really encountering Porgy & Bess or A Love Supreme—in their full contexts—can also engender spiritual growth. Don’t worry, I also listen to music just for fun.

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