Sir Colin Davis: “Nimrod” from “Enigma Variations” (Elgar)

I am working on reviews of new-ish recordings of Edward Elgar’s two published symphonies, so, this video of Sir Colin Davis with an unidentified orchestra playing the slow variation from the “Enigma” Variations is timely. (My guess as to the identity of the orchestra is that it is the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, judging by the façade pipes of the organ. I also deduce that the movement was played as an encore… .) I was privileged to hear Davis conduct Elgar’s masterpiece The Dream of Gerontius twice, twenty-five years apart, with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. There is no question that Davis was one of the most important Elgar conductors of the modern era. His live “Enigma” Variations recording with the London Symphony is available on SACD for only $14.99; the CD is $9.99. The “Enigma” Variations is one of those pieces that should be part of everyone’s cultural awareness.

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  1. Brian

    I wouldn’t judge the identity of the orchestra by the room. The audience appears to be entirely Japanese.

    • John Marks Post author

      Good catch! I was not paying attention to the audience–only to the orchestra members and Davis. The organ at Birmingham Symphony Hall was built by Orgelbau Klais of Bonn, Germany. Perhaps the promoters of the concert hall in Japan liked the look of it and said, “Clone that one.” In any event, thanks for reading and thanks for writing in.
      John Marks

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